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The Call of the Wild by Jack London

Posted on: September 18, 2011

As a child I was never motivated to read The Call of the Wild by Jack London, even though it sat in our family bookshelf for many years.

It is now many years later and I am glad that I have – now.

It is the story of Buck, a strong and handsome half-breed, who is stolen from his comfortable existence as ‘the Judge’s dog’ in Southern California to be taken to the icy gold fields of the Arctic Circle.

The story tells of Buck’s introduction to the cruelty of man, survival of the fittest and of strength, love and loyalty.

As the book progresses we learn how Buck establishes himself within the pack, and how he starts to understand his instincts and the very nature of his ancestors.

This is not a hard book to read; quite short and very enjoyable however, not one suitable to read to young children as there are quite graphic descriptions of animal cruelty and violence.

This also goes for adult who may also find this distressing, so take care if you start to read it.

The Call of the Wild can be found at Project Gutenburg in electronic and audio format.
It can also be found at Amazon.com or your favourite bookseller.


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