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I discovered the lovely story of The Canterville Ghost via film as a small child while visiting my aunt.
Therefore it came as no surprise to find that it was written by one of my favourite authors – Oscar Wilde.

The story is based at the end of the 19th century when the Otis family of the United States move to England and live the country house on Canterville Chase which has a reputation for being haunted by the murderous Sir Simon Canterville.

Sir Simon has removed many people very successfully in the past however; he has his work cut out for him when it comes to removing these stubborn Americans who refuse to be scared away by him making his existence even more unbearable.

That is until he develops a relationship with the 15 year old Virginia Otis who may be able to help solve all his problems.

It is a simple story of love, sacrifice, loss and redemption that strangely warms your heart.

There have been several films, telemovies and TV series made based on this story over the years with one of the better ones being a relatively modern version starring Patrick Stewart and Neve Campbell.

So if you are looking for heart warming story; or just like the brilliance of Oscar Wilde this moderately easy read is for you.

The free audio or electronic version of this book can be found on Project Gutenberg or in print at Amazon and other retailers.



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