Helen reviews Free Books


As a recent owner of an e-reader after a great many years of real books, I have discovered its joys and advantages.

Included were a large number of ‘out of copyright’ classic novels, many of which are familiar as titles but have never been read by me.

As there are no ‘back covers’ to describe the book, it is my goal to read as many as possible and review them for your benefit.


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An excellent goal and one I heartily endorse! Did you see the Amazon figures for March? E-books are now selling 105:100 to print. Sales have gone up nearly 150% on e-books from same time last year.

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  • Mary: I just finished "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and I have to say that in my 58 years of reading that it is by far the best book I've ever read. I can't believe
  • Alex Daw: Can't help myself and I know you have more than enough to read but you might be interested in this site too.... http://girlebooks.com/
  • Alex Daw: Luvski You have been reading so many interesting books. I quite missed this one. Wasn't this made into a movie with that dreadful man - here in Q


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